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Letra de 'Obsessed With You' de Central Cee

Your hair's under my pillow so I sleep (So I sleep)

And I'm dreaming of you leaving roses at my feet (Nastylgia, At my feet)

I'm obsessed with you in a way I can't believe

When you wipe your tears do you wipe them just for me? (Me, me, me, me)

I hope a trap boy's your type (Why?)

'Cause I don't have a 9-to-5 (Alright)

I get that your standards high

But I'm not a random guy, I'm different (Literally)

When I write my rhymes, you say you don't like that line

I'll switch it (Calm)

You said you don't like my life, you said you don't like my guys

You're trippin' (When you wipe your tears do you wipe them just for me?)

I followed you, I followed you today, I was in my car (Alright)

I wanted to come see you from afar (At my feet)

If you turned around and saw me I would die

When you wipe your tears do you wipe them just for me?

Bad one and she photogenic (Alright)

Instagram got a lot of impressions (Uh-huh)

She think I'm a G and I don't need love

But I need some thug affection (Literally)

If I fell off tomorrow, would you still love me?

Man I got 21 questions (Like 50)

In the trap with the cats, domestics

She doin' lashes, somethin' cosmetic

They shot their shot, she read it

They slid in DM with somethin' generic (Huh)

She don't even like goin' out, got a new outfit, but nowhere to wear it (Alright)

She think that I'm being disloyal when I'm in the streets with couple of killys

(You ain't gotta) You ain't gotta worry 'bout none of these hoes

I'm grown, I'm done with these bitches (Done with these bitches, done with these bitches)





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